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Leaside Development Map

Leaside Development MapAn interactive Leaside Development Map showing all proposed and approved developments in the Leaside area and immediately surrounding it is now available. Please check it out!

Thanks to hard work on the part of Leaside residents Larry Bacon and Vanessa Rose, and LPOA co-president Geoff Kettel, the appeal to the OMB re: 151 Airdrie has been refused. This appeal was to allow an after-the-fact height variance in addition to the one already granted by the Committee of Adjustment, for a house that was already built. The OMB turned it down.

A compelling case was not made by the planner (for the appellant) why the subject property should have the status of the tallest home in the neighbourhood. The Board was not persuaded that the building height is not discernible to a passerby, or why the Applicant merits another increment in height above that earlier granted by the COA.

Full OMB Decision re: 151Airdrie (PDF)

Leaside Hydro Upgrade MapCome out to learn about how Hydro One is planning to strengthen the electricity transmission system in your area.

Ensuring a safe and reliable supply of power for homes and businesses across Ontario is Hydro One’s top priority. An important step toward sustaining this commitment involves maintaining and renewing our infrastructure.

We are undertaking a Class Environmental Assessment to refurbish existing infrastructure located in the eastern part of downtown Toronto. This infrastructure is a critical component of Ontario’s electricity grid and the supply of power to Toronto Hydro.

Hydro One has identified two sections of existing underground transmission cable which are nearing their end of life and require replacement. These sections, shown on the map, are located between:

  1. Leaside Transformer Station (TS) and Todmorden Junction (JCT)
  2. Lumsden JCT and Main TS

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Margaret Evans cherished the quiet in Davisville Village, a midtown Toronto neighbourhood where many homes date to nearly a century ago. But her peace has fallen victim to the “screech” of jets overhead – hundreds of times a day – after changes were made to the way planes fly into Pearson International Airport. Read more in the Globe and Mail article from Saturday, Jan. 9, 2016.

The LPOA has received the following good news from CORRA. We ARE being listened to. The LPOA submitted a letter in support of this initiative to amend the mid-rise buildings standards, and we will continue to be involved in the amendment process going forward.

To All Resident and Ratepayer Executives, Delegates and Interested Groups:

It’s never too late to report good news!


With each groups’ efforts, CORRA’s vigilance in monitoring this study, and CORRA’s critical analysis of the staff recommendations with respect to the Mid-Rise Building Performance Standards, CORRA together with YOUR GROUP’s action created the necessary momentum for Council to decide to have the item REFERRED BACK to Planning and Growth Management Committee (PGMC) with specific motions.

Council’s Decision is provided here: PG7.1 Mid-Rise Building Performance Standards Monitoring

ON PUBLIC RECORD there were 51 written submissions, almost all from residents / ratepayers and their groups (editor’s note: including the LPOA.) Amazing solidarity!

ON COUNCIL’S DECISION:  The motions to have the item referred back brought significant wins for all groups across the City and they include:

  • further consultation with resident / ratepayer associations and other interested community members regarding the Mid-Rise Building performance standards
  • consultation on future locations for Secondary Plans, Area Plans and other comprehensive planning frameworks
  • Inclusion of such initiatives as part the 2016 budget
  • area specific height amendments
  • density and angular plan considerations
  • Official Plan considerations to include issues raised by speakers at the October 8, 2015 at Planning and Growth Management Committee

RESULTS: Voices and written submissions matter.

CORRA Executive Team
Confederation of Resident and Ratepayer Associations in Toronto

Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 7 p.m.
Leaside Memorial Gardens, William Lea Room
1073 Millwood Rd.


This application proposes to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law provisions applicable to the lands at 36 Overlea Blvd. to allow for the construction of 3 retail/commercial buildings totalling 6,495 square metres – one 5584 square metre building near the rear of the site and two 467 and 456 square metre buildings along Overlea.

Background file: http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2015/ny/bgrd/backgroundfile-85173.pdf

33 Laird Site PlanJanuary 5, 2016, 7 p.m.
Leaside Memorial Gardens, William Lea Room
1073 Millwood Rd.


This application proposes to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law provisions applicable to the lands at 33 Laird Drive to allow for the redevelopment and addition to an existing two-storey building listed on the City of Toronto Heritage Register, and the construction of a new of two-storey building. A total of 4,390 square metres of commercial floor area (floor space index of 0.49) is proposed. The proposed uses include retail, restaurant, recreation, day nursery, service shop, and financial institution.

Preliminary report providing background information: http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2015/ny/bgrd/backgroundfile-85149.pdf

More information is also available at the developer’s website: http://quaestus.ca/33-laird-drive-toronto/ 

To speak to the planner directly, contact Michelle Corcoran, at 416-395-7130 or mcorcor@toronto.ca. Comments can be mailed to the planner at North York District, 5100 Yonge St., Toronto, ON.

On December 14 a good number of people, including several Leasiders, took time out from Holiday preparations to attend a City of Toronto meeting at Northern District Library to learn about proposed Zoning By-law Amendments applicable to the Eglinton Crosstown transit stations and related buildings such as Maintenance Storage Facilities and Traction Power Sub-stations. A number of the Leaside attendees were interested on how this related to the rumours swirling about hi-rise development proposals for the Bayview station and that might involve one or more of the neighbouring “quadraplexes” south of Eglinton.

The city planner, Brian Gallaugher took care to explain that the Zoning By-law Amendments being brought forward were simply those required by Metrolinx to construct the 15 underground stations with their three storey glass boxes above ground.  So if Metrolinx (or a developer) contemplated any use on the site beyond transit, such as residential or commercial then the development would be subject to further planning approvals from the City, with the usual public processes. And Metrolinx had promised that they would not be part of any development application.

In response to my questions about whether Metrolinx was invited to the meeting, it was revealed that there were two Metrolinx staff in the audience. My sense was that the City staff told us as much as they know, but we really needed to hear from Metrolinx, to get the real story of what is happening on the McDonald’s site. But let’s face it, Metrolinx is not accountable to us.

Brian Gallaugher did not have the details of the By-law available – it is still being tweeked by the City’s lawyers, but it will come to Planning and Growth Committee in January, and City Council in February.

Re: Proposal to amend eight municipal Zoning By-Laws for Eglinton Crosstown LRT stations

Proposal: A proposed amendment to the City of Toronto Zoning By-law No. 569-2013, the former City of Toronto Zoning By-law No. 438-86, the former City of North York Zoning By-law No. 7625, the former City of Scarborough Zoning By-laws 9276, 9089 and 24982 the former Borough of East York Zoning By-law No. 1916 and the former City of York Zoning By-law No. 1-83, respecting regulations applicable to buildings that are used for the operation of a transit system along Eglinton Avenue. Application No. 15 257846 WET 12 OZ.

Location: Eglinton Connects LRT Corridor (Eglinton Avenue between Jane Street and Kennedy Road)Stations, Maintenance Storage Facility and Traction Power Sub-stations include:

• Eglinton Maintenance Storage Facility (MSF) • Mt Dennis • Chaplin • Avenue • Don Mills • Kennedy • Yonge • Keele • Mount Pleasant • Caledonia • Bayview • Dufferin • Laird • Oakwood • Allen • Bathurst • Traction Power Sub-stations (4)

To find out more, JOIN US at a Community meeting:

Monday, December 14, 2015
7 – 9 p.m.
Northern District Library, Room 224, 40 Orchard View Boulevard Toronto, ON M4R 1B9 (1 block north of Eglinton Avenue just west of Yonge Street)

Purpose of Community Meeting: To provide information and consult on the proposed zoning by-law amendments required to permit the proposed transit station buildings, MSF and Traction Power Sub-stations along Eglinton Avenue between Jane Street and Kennedy Road.

Detailed information regarding this meeting may be obtained by contacting Natasha Laing at (416) 394-8205 or by email at eglinton@toronto.ca