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Proposed Rules For Short Term Rentals

The City is inviting residents to have their say about proposed rules for short-term rentals (such as Airbnb) via an online survey.

On June 19, 2017, City of Toronto Executive Committee directed Municipal Licensing & Standards (ML&S) and City Planning to consult the public on proposed zoning bylaw amendments and licensing and registration framework. The proposed regulations are to:

  • Amend the City’s zoning bylaws to create a new land use called “short-term rental” that is permitted in principal residences across the city;
  • Prohibit short-term rentals that are not in a person’s principal residence;
  • License companies that facilitate short-term rental activity, like Airbnb; and
  • Create a registry for anyone who operates a short-term rental in their home.

The City invites you to complete the short survey to provide your feedback on these proposed rules. The survey will be available online until August 18, 2017.
The input that you provide will inform the final recommendations that staff will report to City Council in the fourth quarter of 2017.

To access the survey, click here


Helios – Independent Toronto Airspace Review

Helios together with Bo Redeborn and Graham Lake are nearing the end of their Independent Toronto Airspace Review and invite you to attend the final presentation. At the event Nick Boud and Bo Redeborn will present an overview of the recommendations they are making to NAV CANADA to mitigate the impact of aviation noise on the Greater Toronto Area. The event is open to everyone and attendance is free but everyone is strongly urged to register so that Helios and the venue can ensure the event runs smoothly.

Register for the event



Laird in Focus Planning Study

Background, Visioning and Principles Workshop

On Monday, May 1, 2017 join the City Planning Division for a Background, Visioning and Principles Workshop for the Laird in Focus Study.

Laird in Focus Study AreaLaird in Focus is a study led by the City of Toronto City Planning Division that will develop a planning framework to guide future development of the Laird Drive and Eglinton Avenue East area. The study will refine and build upon the existing planning structure as well as recent planning initiatives undertaken in the area. It will develop a vision and policies for a complete community which supports new streets and blocks, parks and open spaces, buildings, community services and facilities, enhanced public realm and a transportation and servicing strategy.

The purpose of this meeting is to engage the community in the development of a vision statement and fundamental principles that will guide planning and design for the study area. Additionally, the study team will share the results of their background review and receive input on the inventory and analysis of existing and planned conditions for the area.

See the Laird in Focus section of the City of Toronto website for background studies, reports and meeting information.


Monday, May 1, 2017
Leaside Memorial Arena
1073 Millwood Road
William Lea Room

  • 1st Session – 4:30pm Presentation & 5:00pm-6:30pm Workshop
  • 2nd Session – 7:00pm presentation & 7:30pm-9:00pm Workshop

*Please note each session is the same


Hydro upgrade project

Bessborough – Broadway March 2017 - December 2017

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Underground Construction

Project Bessborough – Broadway (E18200/E18201) 

Hydro upgradeToronto Hydro is planning to upgrade the aging underground electrical system in your community to help improve service reliability. The upgrade includes the installation of electrical cables within the City of Toronto’s public property allowance in front of or adjacent to your lot.

The civil and electrical portions of this project are expected to begin by mid March 2017 with an approximate completion date of late December 2017. The project area is along Bayview Avenue between Blythwood Road and Broadview Avenue, along Broadway Avenue between Bayview Avenue and Sutherland Drive and including a portion of Sutherland Drive.

Toronto Hydro crews and contractors will take extra care and precautions around your property. The portion of the driveway, sidewalk and other areas affected by our work will be restored upon completion of the project as season, weather and schedules permit.

We appreciate your cooperation and ask that you exercise caution around construction areas. For further information on Project Bessborough – Broadway and the PowerUp initiative, please reference the contact information below. We look forward to working with you.


Fabian C.
Customer Operations Representative


Leaside Traffic Calming Survey

We need your feedback!

We need your feedback on the draft proposals for Leaside traffic calming and ask you to take a few minutes to fill out our survey. Please note that these proposals are only the first draft. There will be changes made based on your comments, as well as on the recommendations coming out of the other two committees.  This is definitely a work in progress.

Survey is now closed – we will post results soon.

If you did not attend the meetings, please review the proposals before you fill out the survey. If you wish to submit your survey by mail, please download the PDF. Please note, we would MUCH prefer it if you could fill it out online, as tabulation of results is done automatically.

South Leaside Traffic Calming Plan

South Leaside Traffic Calming Plan
 (PDF for download)

North Leaside Traffic Calming Plan

(PDF for download)



Survey: Stormwater Charge

The City of Toronto is considering a stormwater charge

Residential stormwaterStormwater is rain and melted snow. Generally, the more hard surfaces a property has the more stormwater will flow off it and into the sewer system. An increase in extreme storms, combined with more paved surfaces in the city is resulting in more stormwater making its way into the sewer system. This has led to an increase in flooded basements and is contributing to poor water quality in local waterways including Lake Ontario.

Making infrastructure improvements is necessary to manage the impacts of stormwater. To help manage stormwater, the City is creating new holding ponds, tanks and tunnels, and revamping some sewer infrastructure that is more than 100 years old. This work will help to decrease the number of basements that experience sewer back-up and improve the water quality in local waterways and Lake Ontario. To learn more about the proposed stormwater charge, please visit toronto.ca/stormwatercharge, complete the online survey here, or attend one of the public consultations:

Monday, March 20, 6 – 9 p.m.
East York Civic Centre
850 Coxwell Ave.

Thursday, March 30, 4 to 9 p.m.
Metro Hall, Rotunda
55 John St.

Tuesday, April 4, 6 to 9 p.m.
North York Civic Centre, Room 1
5100 Yonge St.


Development Proposal 815-845 Eglinton Ave. E.

RioCan, owners of the Canadian Tire site at Eglinton & Laird have submitted a proposal to the City of Toronto for the site.

The proposal is for the redevelopment of the existing 8.8 acre site with a total density of 3.7. The proposal includes 16,130 m2 of retail, 116,110 m2 of residential (1,435 units), a new public park (0.34 ha), publicly-accessible open space (POPS 1,687 m2), community space (701 m2) and a network of public and private streets. The proposal includes 6, 8, 9 and 12 storey buildings along Laird Drive and Eglinton Avenue and a 26 storey and two 34-storey buildings towards the S/E end of the site.

Documents submitted by the developer can be found here:


Please note: as of yet, no public meeting has yet been scheduled and there is no preliminary report from the Planning Department.


939 Eglinton Ave. E. Community Consultation Video

October 13, 2016


3-5 Southvale

The proposed condominium development for 3-5 Southvale Dr. is at North York Community Council on Nov. 15 and while the recent community meeting revealed a revised plan that was more in proportion to the site and had some design improvements, we are awaiting the staff report from Planning to know how the staff is responding to the revisions and whether or not they will recommend Council approve the proposal. The revised drawings are available on the City website (under Oct. 12 resubmission).


LPOA Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

  • Round Table Discussion on Committee of Adjustment
    Will Johnston(Acting Chief Building Official, City of Toronto) • Al Kivi (SERRA) • Joe Nanos (Director Community Planning North York District) • Moderator: Brian Athey 
  • LPOA Traffic Committee Update & Consultant Report
  • LPOA Business
  • Councillor Jon Burnside, Premier Kathleen Wynne and MP Rob Oliphant have been invited to attend

Meeting Location: Trace Manes Community Centre, 110 Ramsey Rd.
Start time: 7 PM (note earlier start time!)

Please plan to attend. Note: if you wish to vote at the meeting, please make sure that your membership is paid and up to date. If you’re not sure, please email us. Renewals can be done either through the website using the link on right (fastest and easiest), by mail, or in person on November 22.