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Wednesday, November 30, 2016 
4:00 – 8:00 p.m. Open House
5:00, 6:00, 7:00 p.m. Presentation (repeated on the hour)

Leaside United Church 
822 Millwood Road
Church Gymnasium
Enter off of Field Ave. and McRae Dr.

Laird in Focus is a study lead by the City of Toronto City Planning Division that will develop a planning framework to guide future development of the Laird Drive and Eglinton Avenue East area. The study area includes lands south of Eglinton Avenue East, north of Vanderhoof Avenue, between Laird Drive and Aerodrome Crescent. It also includes the properties located on the west side of Laird Drive between Vanderhoof Avenue south to Millwood Road.

The study will refine and build upon the existing planning structure as well as recent planning initiatives undertaken in the area. It will develop a vision and policies for a complete community which supports new streets and blocks, parks and open spaces, buildings, community services and facilities, enhanced public realm and a transportation and servicing strategy.

For more info: www.toronto.ca/lairdinfocus 

The proposed condominium development for 3-5 Southvale Dr. is at North York Community Council on Nov. 15 and while the recent community meeting revealed a revised plan that was more in proportion to the site and had some design improvements, we are awaiting the staff report from Planning to know how the staff is responding to the revisions and whether or not they will recommend Council approve the proposal. The revised drawings are available on the City website (under Oct. 12 resubmission).

  • Round Table Discussion on Committee of Adjustment
    Will Johnston(Acting Chief Building Official, City of Toronto) • Al Kivi (SERRA) • Joe Nanos (Director Community Planning North York District) • Moderator: Brian Athey 
  • LPOA Traffic Committee Update & Consultant Report
  • LPOA Business
  • Councillor Jon Burnside, Premier Kathleen Wynne and MP Rob Oliphant have been invited to attend

Meeting Location: Trace Manes Community Centre, 110 Ramsey Rd.
Start time: 7 PM (note earlier start time!)

Please plan to attend. Note: if you wish to vote at the meeting, please make sure that your membership is paid and up to date. If you’re not sure, please email us. Renewals can be done either through the website using the link on right (fastest and easiest), by mail, or in person on November 22.

Join the City on October 13th for the Launch of the Don Mills Crossing Study!

Don Mills Crossing is a study lead by the City of Toronto City Planning Division that will examine ways to focus and shape anticipated growth around Don Mills Road and Eglinton Avenue East. Building on the work of Eglinton Connects, Don Mills Crossing will look to improve connections to the surrounding areas, lay out a network of open space and determine community services necessary to support new growth. This is a key city building moment for Don Mills and Eglinton, come be a part of it!

Sign up for the email list and get more information at: www.toronto.ca/donmillscrossing

Thursday, October 13, 2016
5:00 – 9:00 p.m. Open House
6:00 p.m. Presentation (repeated on the hour)
Ontario Science Centre
The Gemini Room, 770 Don Mills Road.
Free Parking. Transit nearby.

This is a mobility device accessible venue.

Further Information

If you are interested in Don Mills Crossing but cannot attend this meeting, please visit www.toronto.ca/donmillscrossing or contact the City Planner or local Councillors listed below:

Christian Ventresca
Senior Planner, City Planning
(416) 392-3439

Councillor Jon Burnside
Ward 26, Don Valley West
(416) 392-0215

You may mail your comments to Christian Ventresca at City Planning Division, Metro Hall, 55 John Street, 22nd Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3C6.

We urgently need your help!

660 Eglinton Ave. E. Proposed developmentOn Oct. 5th some LPOA board members and nearby residents are meeting with RioCan for a “without prejudice” meeting regarding 660 Eglinton E. (Sunnybrook Plaza), where we will find out what RioCan will be presenting at the Oct.12th OMB pre-hearing.

There is a strong possibility that the City and the developer may be trying to reach a settlement. As a Party, LPOA must be involved but that doesn’t stop the other two parties from making a private arrangement, an arrangement that might very well NOT be what the community wants.

We need you to contact our councillor, other members of the North York Community Council, the mayor and the Premier to let them know your views before a decision is made.


As most of you are aware, RioCan is proposing 12 and 19 storey condo towers at 660 Eglinton Ave. E., (Sunnybrook Plaza). This past spring the LPOA and Councillor Burnside conducted a survey of residents which showed that over 91% of the almost 2200 respondents were not in favor of high-rise development over 11 storeys (the upper limit of mid-rise) at 939 Eglinton E. at Brentcliffe. So what does that have to do with this proposal? The proposal for 660 Eglinton E. is the FIRST attempt to build high-rises over 11 storeys in Leaside and if the developer is successful at the OMB, a precedent will have been set. From what we’ve heard, we don’t think most of you want that to happen.

In the past few weeks, yet another proposal for Eglinton, at RioCan’s Canadian Tire site at Laird and Eglinton has been submitted to the city and includes midrise buildings as well as three condo towers of 26-34 towers. This is in addition to the three or four towers proposed for 939 Eglinton. If all three of these developments are approved as proposed, the number of dwelling units in Leaside will increase by 43%. If you need more information on any of these proposals, please see our website: http://lpoa.ca/

What do we need you to do?

Email your councillors, the mayor and the premier. We’ve provided a sample email below. Let them know that the traffic, pressure on services and utilities, lack of school space, lack of open space and impact on the surrounding low-rise residential neighbourhood as a result of the high-rise development over 11 storeys at 660 Eglinton are unacceptable to you. We know there will be some development and intensification along Eglinton with the LRT construction, but that doesn’t mean we have to destroy everything that’s good about Leaside to achieve that.

Please email or call BEFORE October 4. It’s fine to send the same email to everyone – but please make your views known!

Premier Wynne: kwynne.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org
Mayor Tory: mayor_tory@toronto.ca

North York Community Councillors:

Maria Augimeri – Chair councillor_augimeri@toronto.ca
Jon Burnside councillor_burnside@toronto.ca
Christin Carmichael Greb councillor_carmichaelgreb@toronto.ca
Shelley Carroll councillor_carroll@toronto.ca
Josh Colle councillor_colle@toronto.ca
John Filioncouncillor_filion@toronto.ca
Denzil Minnan Wong councillor_minnan-wong@toronto.ca
James Pasternakcouncillor_pasternak@toronto.ca
Anthony Perruzza councillor_perruzza@toronto.ca
Jaye Robinson   councillor_robinson@toronto.ca
David Shiner) councillor_shiner@toronto.ca

Help support the fight against the development at 660 Eglinton E.

In order to represent the community’s interests at the OMB, the LPOA has retained professional legal and planning assistance. Please help support that effort with a donation to the 660 Eglinton campaign.

Sample email

If you’re short of time, or need something to get started – copy & paste the linked sample email into your email and modify as you wish. Please don’t forget to add your name and address!


To the Editor:

While I sympathise with Mayor Tory’s desire to keep costs down, it is false economy to do so at the cost of good government. While voter parity is important, both the Supreme Court of Canada and Elections Canada are on record as recognizing that important factors such as geography, community interests, and community history are more important. Voter parity must not be implemented where it destroys neighbourhood identity and interests.

And that’s what the 44 ward option does to my community, Leaside. It contradicts the City’s consultants’ own guidelines by dividing Leaside into two separate wards, with two separate councillors, ignoring Leaside’s historical, geographic, and social connections, established since 1913 and continuing to the present day. It would inflict damaging results on our community, and possibly throughout the city. The alternate option, which calls for 47 wards, preserves proper representation by preserving us as a single community within one ward. We strongly support this option.

You quote Councillor Pasternak, whose ward would also be harmed by the 44 ward option, as saying,”To just erase the ward as if there’s no history and meaning there is terribly misguided.” He is right. The value of the 47 ward option far outweighs its cost.

Carol Burtin Fripp
Leaside Property Owners’ Association, Ltd.

workinggroupproposalFollowing the preliminary community consultation for 939 Eglinton Avenue East, Councillor Burnside formed a working group with 12 volunteer Leaside residents. The resident group, developer’s team and City staff met over the course of eight months. The developer has a revised proposal option based off discussions with the group. Although Diamond Corp. has appealed the original proposal, they have expressed a willingness to work with the community.

In order to give you an opportunity to discuss the working group option Councillor Burnside will be hosting a community meeting on Thursday, October 13 at 6:30 pm at Leaside Memorial Gardens.

The developer’s team will be in attendance to present the revised proposal, hear your comments and answer your questions.

If you are unable to attend and would like to speak to Councillor Burnside please contact his office at 416-392-0215 or email him.

When: October 13, 2016
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Location: Leaside Memorial Gardens, 1073 Millwood Rd.

Earlier  this year, Hydro  One Networks Inc. (Hydro  One) initiated a Class  Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Leaside  to Main Infrastructure Refurbishment Project, to replace aging  underground transmission cables  in eastern  downtown Toronto. This  work  is required to maintain a safe and reliable

supply  of electricity to the area. Hydro  One has now completed the draft  Environmental Study  Report  (ESR), which  will be available for a 47-day  public  review  and comment period  beginning on September 29, 2016. [click to continue…]

Toronto Tree Bylaws: How to recognize and report contraventions of our street tree and private tree bylaws
Monday, September 19, 2016 – 6:30p.m. – 8:30p.m.
Metro Hall (55 John St) Room 308

Citizens can play an important role in helping the City of Toronto enforce our tree bylaws.

Join LEAF for a presentation and Q&A with:
Mark Ventresca, Supervisor
Arthur Beauregard, Manager, Urban Forestry Tree Protection & Plan Review