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Councillor Jaye Robinson has provided an update about the road closure at the intersection of Millwood Road and Southvale Drive. Below are the key points taken from this update:

  • Watermain and sewer connection work was being completed in relation to the development at 3 Southvale Drive. When crews arrived on-site, they discovered that the sewer lines were much deeper underground than initially expected, which ultimately extended the scale and duration of the closure.
  • Due to the emergency nature of the work, Councillor Robinson did not receive any notice of this closure and as a result, was unable to share feedback or express concerns. The Councillor has brought this issue directly to the attention of the Mayor’s office to advise that, as the local Councillor, it is imperative that she be made aware of any similar closures in the future so that she can advocate for the best interests of Ward 15 residents.
  • The Councillor has met with the Senior Work Zone Traffic Coordinator to advise that there are already significant traffic pressures in Leaside and that the work needs to be completed as quickly as possible.
  • Questions or concerns can be directed to the Councillor (416-395-6408 | councillor_robinson@toronto.ca).
  • People wishing to contact the Work Zone Traffic Coordinator directly can contact Bryan.Muir@toronto.ca.

The Board of Management of Leaside Community Memorial Gardens would like to invite you to participate in our Clean Toronto Together initiative from 10am to 12 noon on April 28th.

Leaside Memorial Community Gardens will lead a team of volunteer “litter-picker-uppers” from the local community in an effort to clean up the public spaces at the LMCG and surrounding areas. Our team will work their way from the Leaside Arena north on Laird toward Eglinton.

There will be water and snacks available. We will be authorizing student service hours as well as handing out water and energy bars for our volunteers. To make it fun, we plan to play “litter bingo”.

Our ambition is to make the east boundary of Leaside clean and welcoming for all. Local businesses and residents are encouraged to join in the fun by volunteering, or simply come out and cheer us on.

Drop-in or Register today: LeasideGardensCleanTO.eventbee.com

Together we can show the City that our LEASIDE PRIDE shines clean and bright.

Community Relations Committee
Leaside Memorial Community Gardens

A Community Environment Day in Leaside is scheduled for Thursday, May 9, 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., at Leaside Memorial Community Gardens (1073 Millwood Road).

Organized by the City of Toronto and Councillor Jaye Robinson, the event is an opportunity to donate items in good condition (e.g. books, dishes, clothing), to dispose of household hazardous waste and electronics, and to collect two 15kg bags of free compost per household (while quantities last).

Full information is available on the City’s website.

Are you a member of the LPOA? Officially, many Leasiders are not. We know we have the support of a lot of you, which we appreciate, and we work on behalf of all Leasiders, whether dues-paying members or not.

Our annual membership is $30. These funds add up, and underwrite the costs of preparing documentation and presentations at Committee of Adjustment, City Council, LPAT, and TLAB, and holding public meetings. On occasion we need to engage legal and/or planning consultants, to promote and protect this community’s interests. These costs can add up to many thousands of dollars.

The larger our membership base, the more we can count on having a stable annual financial base with which to plan our activity on your behalf. Your LPOA Board Directors are all volunteers; 100% of dues goes to support essential costs.

Your financial support is important in another way as well: politically. When we depute, we’re often asked how many members the LPOA represents. A larger membership does mean something!

The LPOA and you are all in this together. With your official membership we can work more effectively on your behalf. Please join today (online via Paypal or by mail via cheque)! You can count on us. Can we count on you?

As you might expect, the LPOA is in frequent contact with our new City Councillor Jaye Robinson on local matters.

Would you like to reach Jaye Robinson directly, with your questions, comments, or concerns? Below is her office’s contact information:

416- 395- 6408

She and her staff will be glad to assist on any municipal or Ward 15 matter.


Hello and Happy New Year,

As a neighbour to Toronto Pearson, and in keeping with our commitment to 90-day advanced communication about runway maintenance projects, we’re writing to let you know that north/south Runway 15L/33R will be resurfaced this spring.

Resurfacing of Runway 15L/33R is expected to begin as early as April 3, 2019 and is expected to be completed in June 2019, excluding any unforeseen delays.

To keep Runway 15L/33R in top condition and ensure continued safe operations, the resurfacing project will include electrical work, milling, and resurfacing. The work is scheduled to happen overnight during off-peak hours (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.) when flight traffic is lowest. Additionally, because 15L/33R intersects with east/west Runway 05/23, there will be a brief period of time that this project will limit the availability of 05/23 and may affect nighttime preferential runways.

To help keep both our neighbours and our passengers up-to-date on the project and potential impacts, more information can be found on the project’s webpage at www.torontopearson.com/15-33 and on the Noise Office webpage. Throughout the project, we will share regular updates on Twitter (@TorontoPearson) and our community newsletter, Checking In. In addition, we are advertising the project in Toronto Star and Metroland newspapers for example the Etobicoke Guardian, Bloor West-Parkdale Villager, and the Milton Canadian Champion. The first ads were published in today’s newspapers and will be run again closer to the project start date.

We have also been in touch with your elected officials and ask you to share this information with any neighbours who may find it of value – please see a copy of the newspaper ad attached for distribution. Closer to the project start date, we will follow up with more detailed information.

We work hard to balance the complex needs of operations at Toronto Pearson and efforts to minimize disruption with the need to complete this work. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this in more detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

GTAA Community Engagement

Message from the LPOA:

Using the attached runway plan as reference, they will be resurfacing 15L/33R at night. 15R/33L is parallel and can be used as backup. This should not impact us.

The issue for Leaside will be when they close 23 (when 15L/33R repairs cross it). This will force night landings to 24L which is our problem runway for arrivals. 24L is not supposed to be used at night, but will be their only option when 23 is closed and winds are from the west.

I would suggest we ask Leaside residents to be aware of the repair time period and contact the GTAA to complain about any aircraft noise over Leaside after 11:30 p.m. The web tracker website will actually show the path, time and flight # of aircraft over the city.

Meet your Ward 25 Councillor, Jaye Robinson
View new Leaside-wide traffic-calming proposals

Location: Leaside Memorial Gardens
1073 Millwood Rd.
Time: 7 p.m.

Save the date! All are welcome – but make sure your LPOA membership is up to date if you wish to vote at the meeting. Renew online!

RioCan has asked to meet with the LPOA board and we understand that they are working on revised plans.
It’s a good sign! It appears that upping our game at the Local Planning Appeal Board (replacement for the OMB) and making sure the community is well aware of the concerns with the latest plans may be getting RioCan’s attention.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
7:30 p.m.
William Lea Room
Leaside Memorial Gardens
1073 Millwood Rd., Toronto

This is your opportunity to meet your candidates for councillor and ask questions about zoning and development, traffic, transit, property tax, the future of Leaside and any other city issues.

Municipal government affects your daily lives and wellbeing. Become informed and VOTE October 22.

Thanks to our meeting sponsors, Patrick Rocca and Richard Byford.