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Sample email re: 660 Eglinton

If you’re short of time, or need something to get started – copy & paste the following into your email and modify as you wish. Please don’t forget to add your name and address!

Dear (councillor, mayor, premier),

I’m writing to let you know that I do not support the proposal for 12 and 19 storey buildings at 660 Eglinton Ave. E. and do not support any agreement between the City and the developer that would allow anything beyond midrise development on this site. I believe that the resulting traffic, pressure on services and utilities, lack of school space, lack of open space and impact on the surrounding residential neighbourhood as a result of this high-rise development proposal is unacceptable.

Leaside is a predominately low-rise community. I understand that intensification along the Eglinton LRT is going to happen, but as per all the Eglinton Connects reports and recommendations as well as our Official Plan, the development should be limited to mid-rise (no more than 11 storeys) and not have a profoundly negative impact on the surrounding neighbourhood. I urge the City staff to respect the wishes of the Leaside community in this matter, as well as the spirit and intent of the Eglinton Connects studies and the Official Plan.


(Your full name)
(Your full address)